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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Since this is a private sale of used parts, there is no guarantee and no return policy. And in addition to giving away country's Tva is so well.

The electronical back parts, appliances are in good to very good condition but some perhaps with some signs of use!
The electronic equipment are cleaned, dusted inside and possibly some moving parts lubricated fresh!
On older computers like the Commodore came in age and are slightly yellowed, the cleaned as best as possible from me.

Because some parts are expensive and need cleaned, it may occur that maybe they no longer give the original colors!
It may be that some parts have slightly discolored as such (Gilb residues). Attempts to clean all the best possible way.
Still, some parts more than 20 years old, and the purchase of the article is to remember that there used items are!

Of course, the apparatus can be run, but may also have some equipment in the broken state for hobbyists in the shop are available. However, you can read every article in which state it is located.

When purchasing an item, the buyer can pay via PayPal or money transfer.
The goods will be sent only after receiving the money.

For those who are not yet a PayPal member and wish to pay with PayPal, can register with PayPal.

To save any shipping, the buyer can pick up the goods on site.

For pick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please ask the exact address via mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I might want some conversions themselves noble who are properly tested.

Since it can be sold as a used item and good flea market items, I still like to give assistance in the desired modifications made​​!!